Polish courses at The Language Centre

18 Apr

Another set of Polish language courses is available at The Language Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne.woman-hand-desk-office.jpg

This time we offer:

Polish Beginners which starts on Wednesday 25th April at 5.45pm

Polish Elementary (equivalent of Level 2) on Monday 23rd April at 5.45pm

However, if you are an advanced student of Polish and you are interested in learning Polish, please get in touch with the school and they will put you on the list without any further commitments. Just ring 0191 447 4770 or send an email to info@tlcnewcastle.co.uk

Similarly, if you would like to start learning, contact the school to secure your place on the course starting in few months time. Don’t put it off anymore! You know you want it!

More information:

The Language Centre Newcaste http://tlcnewcastle.co.uk/courses/foreign/


Another romantic comedy in Metrocentre

17 Apr

Odeon Cinemas are showing another Polish romantic comedy at the beginning of May (last month we could see ‘Kobieta sukcesu’ (‘The woman of success’)). This time the director Bartosz Prokopowicz shows us how complicated relationships can be in his newest film ‘Narzeczony na niby’ (‘Faked Fiancé’).

Especially if you are trying to hide something.

Metrocentre in Gateshead: 4-6 May 2018 at 8.30pm

Who is coming for a lesson of Polish in the cinema?

International Test of Polish as a Foreign Language

20 Feb

We would like to invite you to participate in the  International Test of Polish as a Foreign Language –  Fifth Edition, Agata Stepnik – Siara in memoriam, which will take place next month

Win a Polish course n Krakow

on  23 th and 24  th  March this year. It will be the fifth edition of this event. Over 3500 individuals and 800 teams participated in previous editions.
The test will be available on our website http://www.polishcourses.com for 36 hours – from 9 a.m.  23 th March until 9 p.m. 24 th  March.
The test will involve two categories of participants: individuals and groups.
For the winners we have got attractive prizes: Standard Polish language courses for foreigners in Kraków and books from PROLOG Publishing.


Chcielibyśmy zaprosić do udziału w  Międzynarodowym Teście Języka Polskiego jako Obcego Agata Stępnik-Siara in memoriam, który odbędzie się  już w tym tygodniu 23 i 24 marca, bieżącego roku. Będzie to już piąta edycja tego wydarzenia. W poprzednich edycjach wzięło udział ponad 3500 osób oraz ponad 800 drużyn.
Test będzie udostępniony na naszej stronie internetowej www.polishcourses.com przez 36 godzin  – od godziny 9:00 23 marca do godziny 21:00 24 marca. Do testu będzie można przystępować w dwóch kategoriach: indywidualnej lub drużynowej. Nagrody przewidziane dla najlepszych uczestników to kursy języka polskiego jako obcego w Krakowie oraz książki do nauki języka polskiego jako obcego.

Women of Mafia: Patryk Vega’s film in British cinemas

13 Feb

In 2 weeks time another Polish film, ‘Women of Mafia’ by Patryk Vega, is going to be screened in British cinemas. The film tells the story of an undercover policewoman gaining access to Mokotow Group Mafia. Apparently, the script is co-written by gangsters from Warsaw. Knowing the previous films of Mr Vega, the story will no doubt be violent, hyper-real and will touch upon serious social issues of contemporary Polish reality in a slightly grotesque way.

Is your local cinema screening it? Have a look:


Get better at understanding Polish!

17 Oct

If you haven’t got an opportunity to listen to native Polish speakers, it’s a great idea to go to the cinema and watch a Polish film! Luckily for us in the North East, Odeon regularly provides us with a chance to improve our listening and comprehension skills.

You can sometimes watch films set in Poland (like the recent film ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ by Niki Caro or ‘Walesa: Man of Hope’ by Andrzej Wajda) that will give you an understanding of certain aspects of life in Poland. Even better than this is when you can see a Polish film that has been filmed with Polish actors… in Poland.

This time, Odeon cinemas are screening ‘Botox’ (in Polish ‘Botoks’) by Patryk Vega. Inspired by real events, it tells the story of four women who are going through a crisis. All of them are medical professionals (a surgeon, a gynaecologist, an emergency doctor and a pharmaceutical rep) and face stress and pressure related to their careers and personal lives. The film is quite gory and full of moments that make you turn away from the screen, but it shows the problems facing the Polish NHS and addresses important issues everywhere else too.

For more details, check the Odeon website for their Metrocentre and Silverlink cinemas.


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15 Oct

Get ready for your holidays in Poland!

Polish language courses

Learn Polish with me!

In only 10 lessons you’ll get to know a bit of the language . You won’t be fluent, but it will make your holidays more enjoyable  and the locals will certainly appreciate your efforts! If you want to become fluent one day, you can join us for an entire year of Polish language learning.

Lessons will take place on Wednesdays at 5.45pm and last for one and a half hours. We are starting on 18th October.

What are we going to learn on the Polish Beginners course?

  • Food, drinks, culture
  • Meeting people, local customs
  • Finding your way around town
  • Money matters and shopping
  • When things go wrong (doctor, police…)

We also offer courses for those of you who have already started their adventure with Polish language:

Elementary Polish – if you already had few lesson and can get by in Polish

Advanced Polish – if you understand lots of spoken and written Polish and you’d like to deepen your knowledge

How to enroll? Go to The Language Centre (www.tlcnewcastle.co.uk) for more details. You can get in touch by email or just pop in and ask for more details:

General Office is located at 6 Old Eldon Square (3rd floor), Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 7JG Tel: 0191 447 4770, Email: info@tlcnewcastle.co.uk, Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00-16:00.

If you’re not sure what your level is and you don’t know which class should you join, get in touch We’ll be able to help!

Hope to see you there!

Let’s watch a Polish film

9 Sep
I put together the list of Polish films that are, in my opinion, worth watching. The first list consists of titles that I know. They shouldn’t disappoint. The second list has been recommended to me. I’m attaching the IMDB ranking with the summary of the plot, so you can make your own decision.

Plakat z filmu ’33 sceny z życia’ Małgorzaty Szumowskiej

There is definitely more…
PS: The ones with * I have shown at the Made in Poland festival.
33 sceny z życia – 33 scenes from life
*Boisko bezdomnych – The offsiders
Wszystko będzie dobrze – All will be well

Essential Killing
Generał Nil
Handlarz cudów
Ile waży koń trojański
Jasne, błekitne okna
Mała Moskwa
Matka Teresa od kotów
Mniejsze zło
Mój Nikifor
Nie kłam kochanie
Parę osób, mały czas
Persona non grata
Pora umierać
Skazany na blusa
Świadek koronny
Ubu król
Wszystko będzie dobrze
Wszystko co kocham