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‘European Crime Night’

21 Mar

Polish writer Zygmunt Miloszewski is coming to Tyneside to discuss his work.

Zygmunt is an award-winning crime novelist, with his third book, ‘Entanglement’, winning the High Calibre Prize for Best Polish Crime Novel of the Year in 2007. ‘Entanglement’ has since been adapted into a 2011 film by director Jacek Bromski, and Zygmunt’s novels, including his latest book ‘A Grain of Truth’, have been translated into a number of languages including English and German. He will be speaking alongside Danish author Pia Juul as part of Newcastle’s ‘European Crime Night’.


The event will take place at the Lit & Phil Independent Library on Westgate Road, Newcastle, where tickets can be purchased at a price of £3 on the door. More information can be found at

Sent by Polish language student Dan Ward