Polish Christmas

20 Dec

Are you thinking of having your first ‘Polish style’ Christmas in Newcastle or somewhere in Poland? If you have turkey and brussel sprouts in mind, you need to think again. Here is a good explanation of what to expect:


I found a good website preparing you in full for carol singing (much better than we did in a class last week), which also tells you all about food during Wigilia (Christmas Eve) and other meaningful traditions:


and here is the list of useful words:

Christmas – Boże Narodzenie

christmas tree – choinka

bauble – bombka

present – prezent

Santa Claus – Święty Mikołaj

angel – anioł

carol – kolęda (religious), pastorałka (non-religious)

carol singers – kolędnicy

snowflake – płatek śniegu

snowman – bałwan

mistletoe – jemioła

Three Wise Men – Trzej Królowie

Baby Jesus – Dzieciątko Jezus

Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!


(to hear how it sounds, press the little speaker icon at the bottom of the Polish version)

Best wishes,



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