Few interesting facts about Polish language

22 Sep

Did you know…?
1. The first sentence ever written in Polish comes from the Book of Henrykow, dated 1270, found in the abbey of Cistercian monks chronicle written down in Latin. henrykow

Day ut ia pobrusa, a ti poziwai.
Daj, ać ja pobruszę, a ty poczywaj.
It means:
Let me grind, and you rest.

This sentence was said by Czech Boguchwal to his Polish wife.

2. Around 50 million people in the world speak Polish language (native and secondary), mostly in Poland, but also within different communities in Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.

3. The name of the country comes from the tribe of Polans (Polanie). Around 9th century several parts of Poland were united. The term itself means “field” or “plain,” which tells a bit of the country’s landscape.

4. The most similar languages to Polish are Czech, Slovak, Kashubian (spoken in the north of Poland, in Pomerania) and Serbian. Less related are the languages of the Southern and Eastern Slavic groups, such as Russian, Ukrainian and Croatian.

5. The Polish alphabet, is based on Latin and contains 32 letters. Q, X, V occur in borrowed words or in commercial names of brands only.


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